How Should You Clean Your Rubber Floor Mats

You can always keep your shop floors as well as business floor showrooms free from any standing water and hazardous debris by using rubber floor mats. They can create a surface where the entire foot traffic that will enter and exit your establishment will be wiped and scraped, ensuring that no loose dirt, water, and debris will enter into your business premises.

However, these rubber logo mats offered by Ultimate Mats should be maintained in top condition. Any mats that are regularly stained, soiled, or heavy with spills and stormwater can always make your showroom dirty.

Therefore, we need to look for a few best ways to maintain and clean your floor mats so that they do not remain dirty, dingy, and need replacement very soon.

When should you clean the rubber floor mat

As such rubber floor mats do not need very frequent cleaning. The following are a few conditions when you must undertake cleaning of your rubber mat.

  1. When it becomes less effective

When you begin to see that the rubber floor mat is not effectively doing its job of removing dirt and water then it is the sign that your mat needs cleaning. Often before you notice your mat appearing dirty visually, you will notice more debris, dirt, and grime on your floor.

  1. When soil and dirt becomes visible 

The next indicator is the visible soil and dirt on your mat. Often some visitors may carry heavy mud or soil on their shoes, or if any accident caused a certain stain on the rubber floor mat, then it will need cleaning.

How to clean the rubber floor mat having fibers

The following are 5 fail-safe ways of cleaning the rubber floor mats so that it will look the same as you purchased your mats:

  1. Shake

Regular shaking of the mat daily or weekly is the best way you can keep the rubber floor mats clean.

  1. Vacuum

Make sure that the manufacturer or company supplied recommends vacuum cleaning. Vacuuming should be done very slowly and methodically.

  1. Treat

If the manufacturer permits your mat to be scrubbed by using any stiff bristle brush, then scrub the stain and wipe up the entire loosened soil and dirt.

  1. Wash

All rubber floor mats usually are washed in any industrial-grade washing machine. You can find many service centers if you do not have such a facility in-house.

  1. Dry

Your mat will now need air drying.  You can just lay or hang it over any hard, and non-porous surface.

Cleaning of any non-porous type of rubber floor mat

Normally, non-porous floor mats are much easier to clean than porous mats.  They are resistant to spills, dirt particles, grease rubber floor mats that are, animal fats, mold, and mildew. If they are small then you can just use any mild spray-type carpet cleaner along with a microfiber towel for cleaning the mat.

For any business organization, these rubber floor mats are a great solution. Usually maintaining and keeping them is not very difficult. You must therefore get them cleaned at least once in 2 months.

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