Talent Acquisition – How To Integrate It In A Business

Different organizations handle talent acquisition differently in a business. This process is performed to identify and acquire proficient workers who can ideal to fulfill the needs of the organization. The team is responsible to identify, acquire, evaluate, and hire candidates to fill vacant positions in the company.

Let us look at the steps involved in performing talent acquisition in a company.

What are the key components of talent acquisition?

Talent acquisition is mostly part of the HR team of the organization. Some of the key components of talent acquisition:

  • Employer branding,
  • Diversification of the labour force of the company,
  • Building a sturdy candidate pipeline,
  • future resource planning,

These are the four things that set the foundation of talent acquisition. Best Practice Biz is a leading business improvement agency that provides friendly and collaborative programs to help businesses grow. They work with an aim to inspire confidence in customers and support the development and expansion of the business.

What Are The Skill Set Needs In Talent Acquisition Professionals?

A talent acquisition team is designed with the people who have the desired skills to bring talented professionals to an organization. Some of these skills include sourcing strategies, assessment of candidates, hiring standards, fluency in employment branding, compliance, and corporate hiring initiatives.

Requirements for Effective Talent Acquisition

To recruit the best talent, companies should align their talent acquisition strategy to find, target, and entice the most competent candidates for a specific role. Talent acquisition teams should communicate that brand effectively to potential candidates.

They should provide a clear understanding to candidates regarding culture, reputation, competitors, and the services and products of a company.

It is also required that the team must effectively manage the entire event ranging from the initial application of the candidate to the final job offer. They should effectively collaborate and communicate with the recruitment manager. This is helpful to retain essential employees and develop morale among the workforce.

Steps Involved in The Talent Acquisition Process

There are five important steps involved in the talent acquisition process. They are the same in almost all organizations:

  • Lead generation
  • Attracting top candidates
  • Interview
  • Assessment
  • Evaluating references
  • Selecting the right candidate
  • Recruiting and Onboarding

Best Practices To Hire Top Talent:


Identify and prioritize employees for the roles that are hard to hire for. Generally, employees with niche skills, technical or engineering jobs, highly-specific experience, and senior leadership take around three to six months to fill. Forward-thinking can simplify and quicken the hiring process.

Develop a Pipeline

Either you use a data-gathering platform or specialized software, maintain the details of the candidates you find for talent acquisition activities. Keep updating candidate details regularly as it will help you fill future roles quickly and easily.

Involve Everyone

You need to get the entire HR/talent acquisition department in the execution of the task on-board. You can even plan to introduce lucrative schemes such as monetary rewards and employee referral programs to attract candidates for specific positions in the company. It will help you identify the best candidates for the job easily.

Devote Some Time

To find how the candidate will behave in a “formal” setting, or under strict deadlines, you should spend time interacting with them in an informal setting. Some of the best ways to know the appropriateness of the candidate are via casual phone conversations, a cocktail, or a lunch meeting.


Talent Acquisition involves sourcing, attracting, interviewing, recruiting, and onboarding employees. Once you have learned the fundamentals of talent acquisition, it is time to put the above strategies into practice.

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