Major Elements to Consider for Facebook Ad Campaign Success

Facebook has billions of daily active users, so it is not a surprise that small and large businesses are using it to reach target consumers. Many companies create their business profile page on Facebook to interact with customers. Facebook ads help to reach prospective and new clients.

Australia Internet Advertising Agency can help you create successful Facebook ads. A FaceBook ads agency considers the major elements that help to increase the success of your ads.


Choosing the right kind of audience is the first step in creating an attractive Facebook ad. The next step is to create a relevant ad for your target audience. The Facebook ad platform offers a feature that rates your ad, as well as gives a relevance score. The higher the relevant score the more favorable your ad will be to the Facebook algorithm.

Visual appeal

Visual aesthetics motivate the majority of online customers, especially youngsters. It means your chances to grab attention with a beautiful image increases as people scroll across their Facebook newsfeed instead of text block.

Besides being memorable and striking, visual ads are Facebook algorithm friendly. Therefore, consider using appealing images or videos for your Facebook ad campaign.

Unique value proposition

Beautiful images and remarkable text are invaluable elements of Facebook ads. Nevertheless, to generate clicks you need to offer a reason. The argument has to be compelling to the users. It means shaping a unique value proposition. Ensure that the value is clear. You will need to offer something which is distinguishing and realistic.

On Facebook, special promotions and social proof help to create enticing propositions. Limited time offers, or discounted coupons create a feeling of urgency, while the statistics openly define your value. For example, if you say you sell the best cake in the world, it is unbelievable, but offering a free coupon for pastry is a good enticement for consumers to click to your site.

Call to action

Even if you created a beautiful ad, there is a need to create a convincing call to action. Even if your consumers got caught with an interesting ad, you need to direct them in taking the next action. Call to action can be ‘Click now and claim your free coupon’.

Add a little feel of urgency with time limit like ‘only 50 coupons available! Grab yours now!’ A sharp CTA is an ultimate step that makes your Facebook ad successful.

Split testing tool

Facebook has introduced a split testing program. It’s a feature that can help advertisers achieve better results. In this program, Facebook collects data on your behalf. It measures the results ranging from branding to conversions.

Split testing gives an idea on which ad resonates with your target audience. You can fine-tune your ad campaign accordingly. It will dramatically enhance your ROI.

Besides Facebook, other popular social media platforms can contribute to the growth of your business. Nevertheless, Facebook has a massive user base, which ensures its consistent status. Therefore, savvy online marketers find Facebook a go-to platform for their ad campaign.

It is hard to be distinctive among the competition, but incorporating the above elements in your Facebook ad campaign will help to generate good results.

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