Say Farewell to Sunburns with CBD Oil

We all love a good soak in sun during holidays in summer. As you might know, sun can be very damaging to human skin. It can age your skin faster and predispose you to skin cancer as well. Up to 80 percent of sun’s rays can pass through clouds and emit harmful UV rays. Sunscreens can block these rays and reduce the likelihood of red itchy burn on your skin. That is why, it is important that you pack yourself a good sunscreen before going on that summer holiday.

CBD Oil to the Rescue

Here are some of the ways how CBD can help prevent this:

  1. Natural healing process

CBD can be very helpful when dealing with any type of burns. It encourages a natural healing process without inhibiting any damage to your skin. It is recommended because it reduces swelling and nourishes the skin. It can also prompt the process of producing new skin cells. You can simply use a few drops of this oil to the affected area without worrying about any harmful after-effects.

2. No Side Effects

Even though there are many sunscreens available in the market right now, they are not free from side effects. Unlike CBD, they can cause acnes, pimples and other skin problems. With CBD sunscreen, it is extremely safe to protect skin against any harmful rays. It works on every skin type. Since the oil does not have any chemicals, it does not cause any damage to your skin. In fact, it beautifies your skin and encourages growth of new skin cells. Allueur is a leading manufacturer of many CBD skincare products. Consider checking out their website to choose a product that suits your skin best.

3. Acts as an anti-oxidant

Sunrays have free radicals that attacks the integrity of collagen leading to skin breakouts. This causes our skin to age faster, make fine lines, saggy skin and wrinkles more visible. CBD acts an anti-oxidant and fights off with these free radicals. Due to this property, it speeds up the healing process and make your skin feel protected even in long hours of sun.

4. Anti-inflammatory properties

Over the time, CBD oil has proven to reduce anxiety, acne, chronic pain, etc. It has started gaining popularity in skin care industry due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the redness itchy burns caused by sunburns. It can also reduce pain associated with stings. Your sensitive skin will feel much better with this oil. It provides a smooth and calming effect on the affected area.

5. Faster healing

With CBD oil, sunburns can be dealt with very quickly. Many people reported that it only took few days to get rid of any nasty burn. It does not even leave any scar. The skin was healed in no time.


CBD oil is all-natural ingredient that encourages natural healing process. It can also help you to get rid of any itchiness or scar left by the burn. If you are still not convinced, you should do more research to find out if this product is suitable for your skin.

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