Know About Home Care Licensing Before You Enter into This Business

Are you interested to start a business of home care service? To start with, every home healthcare agency will need to acquire a license from their respective state authority.

This home care license is needed to ensure that all the care provided will be of required minimum health/safety standards. 

With the help of such regulation, government authorities want to protect the interest of all sick, disabled as well as elderly people, who seek such services. 

Also, as a home healthcare agency, you should aim to offer safe and effective service to all your clients and also maintain compliance with the entire laws of the state.

If you are looking for any home health care, then the following types of licenses available in alphabetical order. What do all these alphabets mean? Which class of service will be right for you? 

The following are the guidelines you need to know about home care licenses of Minnesota.

        1. Class A license

This type of license is issued to any professional agencies for home care. Home care agencies having this class A license will provide the following services:

      a. Care will be provided in your home that can be house/apartment or residential facility. 

      b. Will offer a full services spectrum from nursing and also occupational/ speech/respiratory                     therapy/physical to any medical social supplies and services.

      c. Many agencies also provide a full menu of most requested services like: 

  • Nurses
  • Home health aides
  • Companions
  • Homemakers
  • Medical social service
  • Care management service. 

The agency will employ the staff and also check their qualifications and experience.

       2. Class B license

This type of license is issued to all paraprofessional agencies. These agencies will provide:

     a. Home health aides

     b. Homemaking and

     c. Companion services for a home-like house/apartment/residential facility

     d. They do not offer any nursing or various therapies.

     e. The agency will employ and manage staff and will check their qualifications and experience.

       3. Class C license

This type of license is issued to any individual who is a Certified Nursing Assistant and can provide services for home health. Following personal care assistance will be provided:

     a. Bathing and dressing

     b. Few housekeeping tasks. 

However, no medical help like BP measurement, supervising medications. Homemakers will do their own shopping, cooking and cleaning and shopping

They will not get involved in taking personal care. If you want to choose any person having a license of Class C, then you are supposed to hire and supervise him directly. 

You will be responsible for checking their credentials and background. Also, you have to arrange for his coverage if that person whom you hire gets sick or in case his car does not start.

       4. Class F license

This class of license is issued for assisted living facilities. Such agencies having Class F license can provide care:

     a. In certain residential facilities or assisted living setting. 

     b. People who are having a Class F license will not come to any individual homes.

     c. Having a class F license, the organization will also provide the complete range of services as mentioned             under class A. 

     d. They may also offer a few limited services as selected by their client.




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