Few Things that You Must Know About Spanish Slates

People were using slate roofing materials even before 4000 years back, as slates are natural, earthy and organic material and even today they are in high demand, as it can offer an eternal charm as well as high durability.

Besides that, slates are also extremely fire resilient as well as safe against water damage. Slate can deviate heat naturally, and hence it is most appropriate roofing material to be used during hot and humid climates of South-eastern areas including Australia.

Spanish slate roofing systems will be able to bear storms, winds and other very harsh weather conditions that make it an excellent long-term solution meant for all your roofing needs.

Most of the slate materials are exceptionally fine-grained, as they are formed after many long years, and as a result of firmly compressed deposits of clay on the earth. Usually slate is generally composed of 2 lines of vulnerability:

  • Cleavage
  • Grain

Because of these lines, slates are easily divided into many thin sheets, which are nowadays used as slate roofing all across the world.

You can get slate roofing materials in different styles and varieties. Welsh and Spanish slates are very popular slates in whole worldwide. Therefore, it is very crucial that you must know their features before you try to set up any slate material on the roof.

Spanish slate

About 90 per cent of slate sold all around the world is usually mined in Spain. One of the best things about Spanish slate material is that you can see is their natural earthy appearance.

Certainly, it will offer an edge to overall appearance of your home. Spanish slate materials are long-lasting and robust, as well as you can protect your house against all kinds of adverse climates for several years.

Quality of the Spanish slate may vary, if Spanish slate found cheaper then softer will it be. The inexpensive variety of Spanish slate can weather down rapidly as it consists of iron pyrites.

If iron will be present in the Spanish slate, then it may result in the pyrite formation. The slate will rust in due course of time, which will cover the roof with brown colour spots.

Following are few special features of Spanish slate.

  • Natural earthy appearance

Slate of Spanish variety will offer a natural and earthy look to your roof and the aesthetic will get improved.

  • Long lasting and robust

As compared to asphalt, Spanish slate roof may last much longer and with proper maintenance it can last more than 100 years.

  • Higher quality

Spanish slates are one of the best qualities of roofing materials available on the market.

  • Does not change colours

Even after many years, the colours of slate roof will be maintained.

  • Not affected due to fire

No fire incident can damage your slate and your roof will remain totally unaffected even if every other thing may get damaged due to fire.

  • Less water absorption

Absorption of water for slate will be below 0.6 per cent, which all slates can meet, but in fact, most slates absorbs water much below 0.4 per cent.

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