Do You Know How Gravity Bong Works?

Many of you who is fond of smoking must have used gravity bongs at least once in their life. Usually, they may need less cannabis as compared to any other standard water bong. You can get strong hit as well as smooth high.

However, do you really understand the real science behind the working of gravity bong?

You may be an expert in smoking, but if you want to experience little change then you may prefer to use gravity bong. Though many of you may get confused with a new addition of gravity in the name, but it is fairly easy to use it.

Certainly, you must have heard this name either from your friends or people who are avid smokers. So, we take this opportunity to explain here about the science that is behind the working of this gravity bong.

If you look at this type of gravity bong then you will find 2 different types that you can find in the market.

  • Bucket bong

As far as bucket bongs are concerned, you will need following few things:

  • A small bucket which will be filled with clean water up to the brim
  • An empty bottle
  • Bottle cap
  • Rubber stopper.

After collecting all these items now, you may drill one hole in the bottle cap. By using a knife, you can cut the bottom of your bottle. Most of the smokers will cut the bottle just a little above bottom of the bottle.

Next, place your bowl snugly around into the cap hole. Ensure that the seal is airtight and then place your empty bottle into a bucket of water. Then screw the cap carefully onto your bottle. You must have packed bowl by now.

While lighting the bowl, pull the bottle slowly out of the bucket. You will see your bottle filled up with heavy smoke. You may like to pull your bottle up slowly so that you hit the taste.

Don’t pull your bottle completely out from water or you may lose the hit. After you have filled the bottle with smoke, you may unscrew the cap, push your bottle back down while you are inhaling.

Pressure that is created by pushing your bottle down will force smoke into lungs.

  • Waterfall bong

Waterfall gravity bong may also be considered as close cousin of above bucket bong. This will also work similarly. However, here only one container will be needed. It will use one large plastic bottle which also includes nozzle that work as bowl.

First get a large container and now you may like to make opening at its base which can be hole of small to medium-size, so that you can fill the container with water, then plug this hole by using a stopper.

Now remove the lid of the container and then fill with water. Put the cap back and light your bowl after the container is completely filled. Remove the stopper and allow water to completely flow out of your bottle after lighting.

As the water will fall, smoke will get accumulated inside the container. If the container is larger you will get more amount of smoke.

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