Disheartening Impact of Addiction on Family and Friends

Addicted people don’t just destroy themselves but even those close and dear to them. It is a tough situation for family and friends to stay around an addicted person. Negative behavior impacts the near and dear ones, especially because the addicted person is heavily immersed in denial. They don’t understand the overall impact of their action on not just themselves but even on their family and friends.

Loss of relationship

Addiction and substance abuse lead to separation from family and friends. They even lose interest in things that previously interested them. Withdrawals are painful because suddenly they experience the loss of their partner and friend.

Caretaking of addicted person becomes a burden

The role of a family member or friend transforms into a caretaker of their addicted loved one. At some point, caretaking becomes a burden as it starts to take a toll on the caretaker’s physical and mental health. Therefore, it is wise to enroll your loved one to a rehab program for treatment. There are many types of rehab and recovery centers. You can contact and get information on rehabs around your locality.

Spreads emotional chaos 

The consequence of loved one’s addiction exposes family and friends to a plethora of negative emotions and mindset. The addicted person is secretive, dishonest, and evasive about his/her behavior and thus fosters mistrust. The spouse experiences disappointment because their hopes that the condition will change falls apart.

Addiction dominates the family’s needs or relationships. Anxiety and depression get rooted among the family members. The emotional toll on kids of addicted people is extreme.

Creates negative roles

Besides caretaking, the dynamic of the family also changes. Most of the time substance abuser is in denial mode and fail to see the impact of their addiction. The substance abuser is supported by their near ones in many ways like taking their responsibilities, lying on their behalf, etc.

Become isolated

A side effect of supporting your near ones in their addiction is isolating yourself from the social circle. You desire to create a protective barrier between the social circle and your loved one. In this process, your contact with social circle is lost and what seems to be beneficial and positive support turns null and void.

Financial instability

As the person starts using substance abuse more frequently and compulsively, financial resources soon run out. In this situation, several things can possibly occur.

To fuel their habits, they steal money and default on rent, mortgage, or utility bills. This can cause them to lose their job or their family may not have a roof on their head or have their electricity cut. When a person cannot support a family financially, the spouse and children experience significant stress and anxiety.

Abusive behavior

Addiction alters a person’s brain in such a way that they can get aggressive or violent. The abusive behavior can be in the form of verbal, physical, emotional, or sexual directed towards a spouse or child. Among couples, abuse is prevalent in the form of physical violence.

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