Buy and Rent Machines from Lindbergs Maskinfirma With Confidence

Lindbergs Maskinfirma is a machine sale and maskinuthyrning [rental service] that was established by Hakan Lindberg to serve the small farms. The original name of the firm was Hyresmaskiner AB, when it got started in 1986.

The company got a great response and it started to flourish and new branches were added. Hakan Lindberg got recognized as the ‘Entrepreneur of the year’ in 2009. The firm also received the ‘Highest growth class STI 2011 and 2013’ award. Its turnover is more than 25 million, which speaks a lot about the hard work and commitment of the owner and their 15 employees in the company’s development.

Sales & Support

At Lindbergs Maskinfirma, customers can not just rent but even buy machines and equipment. The firm caters to different sectors like construction, industrial, farming, government, and even private customers. With more than 30 years of experience, they are in a better position to recommend products to their buyers.

The firm always stands beside their customers after the sales because they partner with suppliers offering quality products and services at competitive rates. They recognize the sold products’ durability, ability, limitations, and possibilities through customer feedback. This inspires them to offer ‘service-demanding’ sales.

Choosing the correct equipment makes a huge difference. With the development of technology, the landscape of machines and equipment is also evolving rapidly. Lindbergs Maskinfirma is well aware of what is the latest machine and its performance. You will hardly be familiar that there are solutions available for resolving your specific issues but the Lindbergs team does!

Rental & Compliance

Customers can hyr maskiner [rent machines] with ease because an extensive range of reliable and modern equipment are available at Lindbergs Maskinfirma. Renting with them means you get equipment whenever and wherever you need. Customers get rental machines that are in the best conditions, they don’t need to be concerned about storage, maintenance, and repairs.

Benefits of hyresmaskiner [rental equipment]

  • They have a comprehensive product range of hydraulics as they partner with Hydroscand.
  • A wide range of garden saws that function safely and smoothly.
  • Machine size is also significant because length, width, depth, height, rotation, direction, and leveling also make a difference.
  • Lindbergs Maskinfirma complies with the laws and regulatory terms regarding machine rental.
  • Eco-friendly fuels and oils are used in the rental machines. Eco-friendly alkylates gasoline-filled from their depot helps to reduce the negative impact on the environment.
  • Machines get washed with oil separators, which are disposed of cautiously as hazardous waste. Thus they comply with environmental legalities with an appropriate waste management system.
  • The firm also works towards energy efficiency to decrease energy consumption because excessive use of fuel can impact the environment.

Lindbergs Maskinfirma has everything ranging from construction and building machinery to hyr skylift [rent a ski lift] and electrical equipment or containers & fences. They support customers from every sector to choose the right product suitable for their needs.


Lindbergs Maskinfirma is committed to gathering customer reviews to enhance their business. If you have any suggestions visit their link!

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