What If Your Child Asks Whether It Is Necessary to Wear Face Mask?

Often your children may ask whether they should wear face mask when they are playing or moving around, and most of the parents are not too sure what they should tell them, since this new COVID-19 is a very new kind of virus.

If your children are below 3 years, then it will be better to respond to them in the language that they can easily understand. If your child asks about any question regarding wearing face masks or any other kind of face covering, then as parents you can explain:

  • When anyone gets sick then they need to wear masks
  • As they feel much better, then they will stop wearing all these masks.

Often your children may not stop here but can also ask few more follow-up questions too, as we have given below. They are in tender age and hence it will be better to answer questions they ask.

By sharing little other additional information may be too confusing for them and perhaps they may not be able to understand at this age. Few of the follow-up questions can be as follows:

  • Are these masks any kind of costume?

You must tell them that masks are not costume and people wear only when they are really sick.

  • Will the person be able to talk?

You must say yes, they can talk in the same manner if I put hand over mouth and still can talk.

  • Are those people scary or “bad” guys?

Tell them “No”. These masks will cover their part of face, which does not mean they are bad or scary guy. Since they are sick, so they are wearing mask and when they get well, they will not wear any mask.

  • Can I get sick too?

Anyone can fall sick and if you ever get sick, then Mama/Dada can take better care of you and also doctors can help you.

In case many people in your community are wearing masks, then your child will also ask for mask and pretend to play sick. For toddlers this is a very typical behavior. They will try to play the role of a sick person.

As a parent, you need to decide whether you are comfortable with this game. Rather you should suggest them to pretend as a doctor/nurse along with teddy bear, so that it will focus on taking care of sick people.

This is really a very stressful time, when children will need your maximum support and having a safe and secure relationship will help them to express their feeling.

Following are few tips:

  • Maintain all your daily routine as consistently you can do for your child.
  • Try to limit the exposure to your child regarding media reports about this new COVID-19 virus. You may feel that your child is watching news, but in fact your child is getting tensed.
  • When your child is sleeping or out of earshot then discuss about your own COVID-19 worries.
  • Always practice good hygiene for limiting the exposure to COVID-19.
  • You can get helpful information only from authenticated sources and not from any social sites like Facebook or WhatsApp circulation.

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